Coloring Books!

COMING SOON! I am working on producing two smaller but very intricate all-age coloring books in the fantasy genre.




The larger of the two coloring books that are being worked started by taking inspiration of the piece above. I created this mock cover for The Gnome from the Grimm’s Brothers tales as one of my last assignments finishing my Bachelors. As I started showing it around, people would say they wished to take the time and color in the rest of the gnomes in the back! And that’s when the planning started.

OakFinished Lines.jpg

first coloring page for the book- An original illustration

This is the first of many images for the book and it was an idea I had come up with a long time ago. I want the book to be a nice mix of illustrated scenes from other lesser known Grimm’s tales as well as original illustrations of my own like the one above. This is one of my larger open projects, and I hope to continue work on it well into 2019 and possibly have test copies by the end of the year.


Trusty sword


Collection of Loot


Mystical Mage Staff

Welcome to the adventure! Inspired by my last Inktober related series the Deadliest Friends, I wanted to use the days in October to create another cool collection of Illustrations, just a little more fantasy based. I have created weapons, loot and other fantasy adventure items, essentially anything you could find on your travels or purchase at a shop. So you will see swords and shields, potions and poisons, and other mystical treasures! I now have 31 of these ink pen drawings which will soon be scanned and made into a 34 page coloring book. I am current waiting on a paper sample pack so I can test coloring options before we start. Production and pre-orders will be starting early 2019 for these! So be on the look out or follow me on my social medias for updates.