Graphic DESIGN

Commercial design created for clients to use as promotional material or to build their brands.



I was given free range to design the graphics/logo for the Connecticut Hurricanes Drum Corps Associates field show logo in 2018. The production would delve into the exciting world of Greek mythology, heroes, and rituals of the ancient Greeks. The logo created was then adjusted as social media graphics to work as online branding, in all printed brochures advertising shows, as well as the design being screen printed on multiple shirts sold over the course of the season.


As a Connecticut Hurricanes Alumni I jumped at the opportunity to work with the corps again and help create the logo for the Clash Atop Olympus show. Trying to capture the vivid personalities and power of each Greek god was the most fun and challenging part of the piece’s creation. Hopefully the work stood as a strong face to an even stronger field show.


I was approached to take over all of the poster designs for a full season of the Chestnut Street Playhouse in Norwich, CT. The Playhouse is committed to providing high quality theatrical experiences that entertain audiences, educate students, and nurture and develop the local arts community. They strive to be a major catalyst for community involvement and revitalization through the arts. Below are the six designs of musical and play posters I have created for the theater for their use in the 2019 season.

Next To Normal.jpg

Next To Normal

Creating a poster for this show was a personal dream of mine. As a huge fan I wanted to step away from the normal purple branding that everyone knows the show for and make it a more monotone and bold design.


smokey joe’s cafe

I wanted Smokey Joe’s poster to mimic the bold and fun music collection that appears in the play.

Church And State.jpg

Church and state

The following is placeholder text. Integer tempus, elit in laoreet posuere, lectus neque blandit dui, et placerat urna diam mattis orci.

A Christmas Carol.jpg

a christmas carol


joseph and the amazing technicolor DREAMCOAT

Great American.jpg

The great american trailer park musical

August Osage County.jpg

August osage county

The Gamer’s Grimoire

Youtube channel branding, logos, and cohesive visual development


Starting early 2018 I had been approached to handle and design the branding for a Gaming Youtube startup called The Gamer’s Grimoire. We worked together to design illustrated character portraits for all of the main personalities that would be playing on the channel. They would work as Dungeons and Dragons styled character portraits that would be used as social media icons.

They are using the videos they create as “chapters” from their spell tome.



Recruitment Postcard for Paier College of Art to boost enrollment





Part of a recruitment campaign to bring in new students for the upcoming year. This postcard alongside other measures raised the enrollment successfully. The card was sent out to an estimated two-thousand patrons.

Turn One Thoughtseize

Logo, podcast branding, and physical product development


TurnOneThoughtseize is a Magic: The Gathering (popular table card game) podcast exclusively about the Modern format. They would explore creative card combinations and had fun playing magic, but they also want to keep up and analyze the most competitive aspects of the format. I was brought in to create their podcast logo, that would then extend to their twitter, youtube, and other social medias. I also created a large scale banner that was used on their website that later lead to product printing.

In June of 2017 The boys were looking to produce playmats for their fans. We altered the banner logo to create a limited run of cloth top, rubber bottomed playmats. They would then be sold and signed by the two co-hosts of the podcast.

Playmat Shot 1.jpg
TOT Playmat Image 1.jpg
Playmat Shot 2.jpg

Maloney High School Props & Paints

Created a simple and strong logo for Maloney High School’s honorary 100th year of its drama club; Props & Paints. The club focuses on learning different areas of the theater including acting, costuming, makeup, technical theater and business management. The logo would then go on to be used on all promotional material for the year as well as be distributed in all show brochures for the year.