Little Vikings

Little Vikings was Written and Idealized by Chris Boyd and Story boarded and Illustrated by Sara Zunda.


Top of the tale

In the story we are introduce to two viking children, a fierce warrior girl and an ambitious intellectual mage, who seek the thrills of adventures and exploration. Yet they have not had the opportunity until a mighty and large fire breathing dragon begins its pillage on a nearby kingdom. The Queen calls to the aid of the Viking village against her worried husband’s hesitation. As the letter arrives, the children learn of the voyage and set off in their own trusty boat to aid the adults across the rough waters.


the arch

As the entire viking crew sets out, the rough and almost monsoon type weather deters the adults and they start their return home. The children get swept up in the mighty currents and end up shipwrecked. With the children now discouraged and disgruntled, mage boy summons the help of a few nearby turtle creatures that help the children reach the shore of the kingdom where they begin to devise a plan to take out the dragon.
The girl distracts the dragon while the boy sets off to collect enough water to extinguish the dragon and its mighty flames.


The fruitful end

With a little bit of running around the children where able to put out the hostile flames of the dragon and save the kingom. They receive praise from the king and queen and are dubbed heroes across the land.
With all that adventure the final page of the book reveals the two children playing in their living room alongside their dragon- I mean dog, two pet turtles, and enough Legos to span three kingdoms.


Evolved from the “Little Vikings” project comes a new series of imaginative children's books that give a world for kids to explore and add too. Three young adventurers brought together with friendly rivalry, now work together to better the kingdom of Bramu. The books follow their adventures and quests as they slowly become famous heroes worth telling tales of. We hope these stories encourage and cultivate young children's imaginations, and with luck show the fun side of reading for when they become old enough to take on literary adventures themselves.