handmade pins!

My body of work revolves around strong and bold imagery in the everyday and the fantastical realms. My series of handmade pins are designed to push the unreal and provide it as a sense of outer expression in a handmade and bite-sized package. I currently have over 30+ designs in my handmade plastic and resin lapel pins. This includes the ink and watercolor Deadliest Friends set in the full body size, as well as the heads. I also have a coffee and donuts set of 5 designs as well as a few miscellaneous colored and non-colored creatures available as well.


Bear-apist - Single design

This pin is my first color pin featuring a cropped selection of one of my more popular illustrations of the past year. It features a friendly little bear perched on a couch!

my deadliest friends - set of 12 designs

The ink illustrations for the pups were created in 2017 for the month challenge of Inktober. Shortly after I used them as the subject for my first pin series.

More info on the series can be found here

If you would like to purchase one, click here



Time for a Break - set of two

This pin was created for the 2018 Leonardo Challenge at the Eli Whitney Center for Arts. It was donated and auctioned off to benefit the students and fellows of the New Haven Program

Coffee and Donuts - Set of Five Designs

I wanted to create a fun set revolving around my favorite beverage and its delectable dunking friends. This image is from the very first test round of pins. With a few revisions to a few of the designs I will be releasing full sets in the fall